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Evans Motorsport started off road racing in 2003 in the class 7200. Our first truck was a ford ranger with a 4.0 V6 motor. As the class developed with modifications made to the BITD and Snore class rules to allow the Nascar Chevy or Ford engines. We were one of the first teams to add the Ford Nascar 4.5 V6 odd fire motor. This addition increased speeds greatly and meant upgrades would need to be made throughout the truck. The 7200 truck ran BITD and Snore from 2003 through 2008.

In 2009 we wanted to move into the full size truck class and purchased a class 8 truck. The trucks needed updating so between events we updated the truck from top to bottom. We won 2 class 8 championships and ran the truck until 2012. 

In 2013 we purchased a Armor Craft TT truck and spent the next year turning it into a 6100 SPEC Class Trophy Truck.



Preventative maintenance is the key to winning off road races. Proper prepping is critical to the safety of the driver and co-driver and will increase your odds of finishing brutal desert races. 

​Listed are items inspected and serviced before every race or test session. 

Race Service


* Universal Urethane Inc

* DashesDirect

* UMRacing

* Trailready Beadlocks

* VisionX Lighting

* Power Steering Solutions

This is our Ford Crew Cab F-350 service body chase truck. This truck is equipped with repair equipment and almost every spare part you can think of. Extra Fluid lines, transmission, gears, engine computer, plugs, alternator, power steering pump, tires, fuel, grade 8 bolts and nuts. 

For service and race support we have two radios, one to monitor the race event and the other to communicate with the race truck. there are jack stands, air compressor, several jacks, tools, night lights, fire extinguishers, large medical safety equipment bag and  laptop computer to track the race truck on IRC.  

- Complete Computer Diagnostics

- Complete Safety Analysis

- Drivability Problems

- Tune-Plugs-Belts

- Oils Changed

- Tires & Rim inspection

- Brake system 

- Heims & links & Bushings

- Steering and Suspension

- Wheel Alignment Check

- Fuel system Serviced

- Coolant System Check

- Electrical System




class 6100

Class 8000

Class 7200

Team members

Driver & CoDriver

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SPEC TT # 6121

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